All too frequently, Community Association Management was asked to step into the management of communities that could only be described as dysfunctional.  We found budgets that did not work, physical deterioration with no plan and no funding for restoration or maintenance, haphazard decision making processes that resulted in unfair or unequal treatment of residents, meetings that ran two or three hours or longer—and nothing was accomplished.

Does this sound like your community?  Maybe you need a Fresh Start!

We identified three key areas to focus attention to resolve virtually all the issues faced by any association:

  • Administrative
  • Facilities
  • Finance 

Board training is directed at these areas. First, we show boards how to not only be fair, but to convey that sense of fairness to the membership. Most of the time, when members are displeased, it is because they don’t know what’s going on in their community.  If they only knew the plan, they would be supportive.  We train board members on procedures for developing policies, for conducting meetings and for communicating its actions to the members.  When the administration works, the rest falls neatly into place.

As we work through implementation of administrative tools, we begin building a management plan. The next logical step is to look at where we are today relative to the physical condition of the facilities.  By identifying the problems, the solutions become obvious.  Now, we have goals.

Finally, we have to look at the money.  Without funds, there can be no physical restoration. What we hear most often from residents is, “I wouldn’t mind paying more if only I saw something for my money.”  Members want results. They also want affordable assessments.  So, we begin to develop a financial plan that will show results without breaking the residents. This may mean a multi-year restoration plan. That’s okay as long as we approach restoration sensibly—taking care of those things that pose an immediate health or safety hazard, then those things that, left unattended, will get more costly to repair and finally the cosmetics.  Tell the residents the plan and they will be patient.

Sounds simple?  We don’t know why no one else thought of it first.  But, we’re glad we did.  And we appreciate that you are taking the time to let us show you how to get…A Fresh Start for Your Community® 


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